Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New Micromax LCD TV for only Rs 16000

Micromax mobile manufacturer company of India has stepped in the world of Home Entertainment pro  .The company has six LED TV launched in the range  of Rs 9600- 15000. In the early phase of the LED TV it will be available to customers in 9 states. The new range of LED TVs has been launched aiming middle-class families, the LED is cheap because of the people who could not purchase high quality televisions. Micromax has aimed to increae sale by 8 % in the next three years. To achieve this goal o investment of Rs 100 crore has been done as said by the company. Micromax Director Mukesh Gupta said on the occasion of launching the next two to three years and our goal is 8 percent market share. In the beginning the company's LED will be available in  Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh . During the coming year the company expects to sell a million's of LED. LED production capacity of the company can increase in the coming days and is preparing for two thousand to five thousand. 

One of it's 3-D television specifications are:

Image quality:It has a superb image and good source of background light and resolution can be altered as per user choice but default is 1920 x 1080 .

Internet and others:
It has a ethernet port ,Wi- fi ,Internet TV and a web browser too.

Connectivity: It has a HDMI input and radio in -built ,USB are also supported ,woofer and a earphone jack.


It has parental locking and guide for programming of channels and other features.

New good features:
It has it's own Video recorder and time shift option, and recording is also available in standby and a video decoder and media player for images, videos,songs and others.
see cheap Micromax TV LEDK316K50F one of the cheapest Product in 3D range by this company available in India.