Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Why should we update our Facebook Status Frequently

Facebook ranks second after Google in website ranking in Alexa. This means after searching all people come on FB and update their status now people are getting addicted to FB as Bees are attracted toward honey.

Now people are participating in promoting programs on Fb as it is widely filled with unique members all people set their status as links so that they can use social networking website as their backlink so that they can get their visitors.

Now the question comes why why we should update our status on Facebook.

1) if we will update our status regularly with nice jokes messages or other things people will make you friend and your friend list will increase do this for at least 1 month and you will get 5000+ friends than when you will post any article they will be chances of getting high quality clicks to your website.

2) By using popular apps like RSS graffiti we can automatically post all new blog posts on FB and you dont have to post links daily.You can put your feed burner URL in the address bar in the app and the work will be done automatically .

3)FB addiction:

people are addicted to FB if you will use it as your backlink backbone as your bones then will never be filled with water but instead strong power.

4)Create more and more friends:

i know that according to the FB policy you can only send requests to person you know but you can send all requests which you see on the right side of your browser and when 1 warning come then stop sending then continue it after that following day and you will never be banned from sending request.

5)Twitter :

i know that twitter is the 2nd social networking website and you can use it only to popularize your post we all know how to use it so don't do it only require some time you can download wordpress plugin which automatically shares all your post as tweet and twitter become a promoting site.


you can use FB advertising bar to get your blog visits as it has too cheap plans when you will get likes you could get good CTR too.

7) Never trust unworthy apps:

there are too many scam apps which tell users that throught them you could make money but that is totally wrong never do anything that is provided by these type of apps always have self confidence.

8)Use google plus:

G+ plus is the best networking site as it automatically put + badges to your post in SE results and other results too but you can take advantage of it too popularize your content.

9) Cache your blog:

i know that many of you all don't know about blog cache i want to tell it is a 2MB backup copy of your blog which i used to post as a image on FB and got incredible CTR and also tracked all clicks through that 5 links and i saw all that stuff in my google analytics account.