Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Are you aware of online Scamming!

The thing is that there are many people who don't understand scamming so this is for those who want to learn  what is it.

Scamming is basically a fraud done by someone either a human or computer there is no particular definition for this so you must try to understand.

Take a example of an online fraud?

If someone says to you that you will become rich by just investing 100$ and you will get 50$ per month this looks real because giving 100 and getting 50 is something which looks true but there are many type of people using such tricks to trap someone in there plan .now when you will pay 100$ he may ran after taking your money so please avoid getting involved in such type of things.There are many people who have lost money in such frauds .

One of my colleagues gave 500 bucks because someone have told him that he will get maximum profit from him and after he have paid him , he took all his money and went somewhere and now he was sad after not founding that guy with whom he had his deal.

How to avoid it?

  • Don't get into something where you are getting something big for very small as this is a possible factor .But there are many things which actually give good profit for low investment so before investing you must get all the legal details about the company.
  • Never deal with a agent because many people are suffering because agent is not considered a trustworthy person.
  • Use your smart intelligence in order to be safe.
  • Keep an eye on your child and see what he is doing because there are many Children's tricked by many and they don't tell to their elders because of getting scolded.
  • If you find something unusual take a look at it.
  • If your child look sad ask him it what is the matter .
  • Never allow someone else to use your credit card to avoid misuse.
  • Never tell anyone your credentials not even in fun.(One boy told someone which was his personal and then he suffered a lot ,name cannot be revealed).
  • Think twice before making any new friend.
The article was just to tell how to avoid getting involved in scamming the reason is the increasing number of baddies who just want to make money by tricking people be aware of such kind of things or if you are facing any problem please let us know we are ready to help as we don't want someone to get in trouble.