Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Are you facing Link blinking problem in Bsnl Broadband!

There are many users using BSNL as their internet ISP and the most irritating thing happening is the link blink which occurs in modem the link do not remain constant it continuously blink though sometime it stops.
There are many experiments done and below there results will be shown but before it I want to tell that when
the link is steady then only we can connect to internet otherwise it will show Error 678 saying remote problem so please wait for it to come.

Experiment Results:

  • During night time after 10 AM it comes and will not blink.
  • In day time the blink occurs the most.
  • It is not a good thing to ask to customer care as it is a normal problem.
  • When we call someone while surfing it start blinking it mostly happens.
  • In sunny days it occurs most - This would be looking funny but this is true and seen in most of the cases.
  • In normal temperature it don't blink.
These were the normal results of the experiments done on the Bsnl Broadband Modem.If you are facing any new problem related to this you can ask.