Monday, 19 November 2012

Best Anti virus and Anti Spywares of 2013 to come!

Everyone is finding solutions for High Tech security for their PC's so that they are out of any type of virus or Trojans which can harm their PC but the thing is that which one is the best tot choose whose price is also good and also provide good support as well as protection for the entire system including internet,which also haves a firewall but now the thing is who will tell which one is the best ? Now i am gonna solve this problem by listing top 5 Anti-Virus which will keep you away from viruses and you will forget what is a Virus in some years.

So but before starting I am gonna tell you some few things:

Why you should Purchase Protection for your PC?

There are lots and lots of online intruders who can easily access you PC without notifying you  by sending you a email containing threat which will run as soon as you open a mail but now Email scanning technology has developed which will protect you I should prefer G Mail as your basic account and there are others too and you can use them also.If you will not purchase IT protection you will get tons of virus which you won't notice when they will enter but when they will effect they will show you such results which you would not have thought there are people who are running PC's without any software which can harm them you should at least install one .Everyday many type of threats spread in different ways whether in a file or anything and also in compressible files because people are reluctant to scan Zip and Rar files because they takes lot of time so this is the thing.If you will not go with the world you will face real troubles because you have to be with the pace of the world in order to manage your livings in a peaceful garden of enjoyment.

There are different types of shields provided inside Windows b default which will soon start protecting as soon as the windows is installed but the thing is they are not sufficient even the also some loop holes will be there for Trojans or threat to enter and infect your PC.Even your manual methods will not work as Human has made computer for their ease of work so you should follow the same thing only.

How you should select a Protection Software for your Computer?:

Anti Virus software will delete and repair your system not like the way it was previously but upto 90 % of restoration from effect of Virus.It will also help you play games and run application smoothly as their will be no disturbance of any kind of threat which could make processing slow. Some of them include DNA scan technology to scan the threat which is the new one and not in the encyclopedia of Virus definitions now this helps a lot that you will get certain support to delete that and heal your file if it has infected it.

So how you should choose and look on the matters:

  • Budget :
                     You should have a budget of 20 $ to 40 $ for normal purchase because this is the recommended budget for your PC's security for one year only and if you found anything crossing this it is ultimately your choice what to do because then it depends upon you.There are many kind of software like USB guard disk security which will help to vaccinate your drives by removal of auto run files which execute without your permission or by you.
  • Speed,Power and Performance:
   These are the three things which are very important because some of the Anti Virus software will make your computer speed slow and of course that will annoy you so it is better to have a good one which has a good speed and also you will not face any speed problems.There are many buyers and sellers of products and they claim that the performance is good but it is not so you should search forums,sites,official website of the company, from a friend and many sources and try to extract is it actually good because after all you are spending your money and it should not go in waste.
 Now the main thing is power which I will discuss below as it is the best thing.
  • Health after using software:
 You should ask a user about the current health of his PC because then you can get maximum knowledge .

  • Types of Various Features and protections:
        Before using anything you should always try a trial version as it will give you basics of what you are going to use and you should also see what is the best part you liked the most as many comes with internet,sandbox,chest,quarantine and other features which are good and also the thing about some come with email protection and some will have online scan technology which will protect you while you are surfing most of the users get some sites blocked due to possible malicious URL you can find them on the sites you would not have thought because some people anonymously by using tricks can put it on anyone's site so you can be aware of this but there are also online solutions for that kind of thing.You should see that if it has an emergency disk which will help you when you are in serious trouble to restore your system on the day you made the disk you can easily burn it and this feature is provided in many.You should consider healing power as this is very very important because they are files which have EXE extension and they are most likely to get infected and this will make anything unable to process whether it is a game, and when you are able heal this type of infection you won't face any problem.

  • Consumer Forum, Support and Help:
You should see that is there any type of  online forum or support because here you will find every information
about the product online forums are the best way to keep in touch users who have experienced that particular product so you should see that also , Companies provide different type of contact options which are good for you as then you won't have any type of trouble you can easily fill up form and then leave it on them and they will provide you support from phone or email -ID .

  • Game effects:
       Many geeks love playing games either online or offline but it can be effected and can show some serious errors like"beginning dump of phyical memory" as most of are facing problems and I managed to find a solution after hard journey if anybody have same problem you can comment i'll give you whole solution.

Here  are the Top Anti Viruses and Anti Spywares:

 This is one of the most used software you can imagine because it is providing support from the years we all started pulling our arms on mouse using our PC I have seen it installed in most of the user's computers and I will rank it one because it has everything you won't find anywhere.
  • It has every type of protection for Malware,Trojans,viruses,worms,Rootkit,Spyware and also for unknown viruses which you don't know and not even listed yet.
  • Online security is excellent as you will be protected by anti-phishing and other type of things like Identity theft as this is smart way to be secured.
  • It has a emergency disk which I described above this will help you a lot so you should make one if you don't have till now.
  • Supports all type of scanning like compressed file,registry keys which have threat,and also autorun system is managed by default.
  • Have quarantine directory which will help you when there is no other solution than to delete and you don't want to do that by doing this you can continue using file.
  • Latest version supports all windows version from XP.
2)Norton Anti Virus:

You would have knowledge about Symantec protection because it is also having a old age and it is recommended by most of users because of its enhanced support they are getting so I will consider using this can also help you.

Now this has provided me so good support when I was in trouble it takes very less amount of memory to run and the results are really good.I will rank it 3 because it has so good healing feature because it heals 90 % of infected files and can protect you from damage of your application as it helped me when all my applications and programs installed in program files were infected this helped me to find a way for clean up.

This is again a great anti virus and you can use it for your home care and also for personal use as it is good and really compare able with top 3 above it has all features which all above have, so you can use it too.

It is a good software having sandbox where you can keep your files and run them without any risk of infection it can also do all the things but it has a slightly low percentage of repairing as sometimes you have to delete but its sandbox overpower it on this feature.

It is a software you can find with your mother board drivers disc , it is also good to use.

A powerful you can say a tool to use ,it automatically does the task without human effort and ou don't have to do nothing at all and everything will be done.

It is a normal security software which can be used by beginners.

This also has very old age but now many others are available but it still has it's legs fitted in the market.

This is the official software you can use to remove normal infection but most of the people use it because it is from Microsoft.

Here the rankings are given based on different type of survey's done and information gathered from various sources if you know many others which should be listed above feel free to say.