Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Best sites to buy Movies Ticket online!

Everyone wants to see a new entertainment video everyday but when we talk about movies first we have to do booking in order to get a proper seat to sit and watch the film.There are many websites providing online facilities and they are also good so I am gonna tell you best among all of them.

Hollywood :
 Here I will tell some best things about how to search and find.

  1. To search for a movie go to Hollywood site.
  2. Now select anyone .
  3. You will be asked to enter your ZIP code simply enter and search for 15 miles.
  4. Theaters will be listed select any one of them and then open buy tickets.
  5. It will take you to site.
  6. Now simply fill the time you wish to go to the theater.
  7. Then do the transaction and you are done.
This was for Hollywood this is very simple and this is for those who are having trouble.

 Now the thing comes for Bollywood ,it is difficult because there are some question which I am gonna solve below but before that I will tell you how to get to a Bollywood film.
  1. Open the site .
  2. Select your state or your circle whatever it is.
  3. Then select movie which you wish to see.
  4. Select date and then a page will be loaded where the cinemas and timings will be listed select the timing next to any cinema.
  5. A new window will be prompting you to select class , and quantity or the number of seats you wish to order.
  6. Then select seats which are most comfortable to you and from where you can see from a good angle.
  7. Then click proceed.
  8. A donate option will also come which take only 1 rupee and you can do that for charity .
  9. Open payment page if you wish before proceeding for payment page you can change your seats).
  10. Enter required details including a valid email address and phone number which are necessary and check twice before entering as the ticket details will be send.
  11. Now you are all done now when you will go to take your ticket remember to follow the instruction as provided during your purchase.
This was for Bollywood movies, I have basically posted only some sites which I use every time when I go to see a movie because Internet is a easy way to book your ticket as well as seat of your choice.