Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to securely hide your Private files? without any software

Securing your files is the only way you can protect your private files from intruders including anyone who is using your computer whether it is your relative only it is also serves as a measure to keep your files from being copied anonymously while the time you leave your computer as some people observe this when they leave their PC for sometime so this is a different kind of thing this may don't happen with you but it do with most of the users.

So , lets start:

  1. Move all your files into a  folder with any name of your choice which you may prefer it don't matter at all.
  2. You can use zip or any type of compression which you may prefer to increase your files security.
  3. Now when you have transferred all your files then now it your turn to choose a directory which you prefer to be good for keeping all your data and also to hide them without using any type of software by encrypting it through passwords.
  4. Now open the folder and open its properties and then select hidden and then apply the new settings.
  5. Now go to folder options which is located in the control panel and open the tab named view.
  6. In view you will see that in Advance settings there is a button named "show hidden files and folder and remember to disable it by checking the button " do not show " in all the computers it is there by default but this setting could be changed so check before going to further steps.
  7. Now open properties of folder and then go to customize then select choose Open change Icon button .
  8. Now scroll to a little right there you will see some blank space click them and then apply these settings.
  9. Now rename the folder with a comma or you can type alt + 255 and then press enter then you will see that the folder is totally hidden and now what you have to do to remember the path is that go to the step 4 and click show all  then you will see that you can easily see the folder but hidden now drag it to a location which is easy to remember.
 I know most of you will find it hard to understand but actually it is very easy to do if you face any problem comment without hesitating as I will reply within 24 hour .