Friday, 9 November 2012

Increase your download speed with new IDM!

Downloading is the most important thing in the world of internet because everyone downloads music,software,movies,games and other things and when the thing comes about speed most of them don't feel good as they don't get much download speed .SO this new version of IDM have removed many limitations which stops you from getting maximum speed.


  • It has the good feature of resume, error fix, and restart the process , it also opens the web page from which you started it.
  • It simply boosts up your connection and with the feature of multiple connection it simply divides connections and split the file parts which are combined when the task is complete and having almost no effect on anything.
  • You can integrate IDM in all the browsers and also the one which are outdated.
  • Supports automatic ask if a file is detected on a page.
  • You can grab a site too to fully read it.
  • Automatic dialing is a good way to connect to the internet without putting any effort and all the in-completed task are re-initiated .
  • It has Tip of the day feature which simply increase your knowledge of the web making you understand it's features.
  • You import or Export a downloaded file so that you can transfer from one computer to the other .
  • Has speed limiter options by which you can manage the amount of  speed .
  • If a task is completed it has a sound feature which will automatically play the sound telling you that it is completed.
  • You can simply update it by going through the software update menu.
  • You can drag any online file into it's basket and give it necessary instruction to what to do.
Overall it is a very good software I will recommend using it as i am doing that too, it is fun to download things in seconds , I have putted maximum connections to 8 which allows maximum speed but it is different depending on how much bandwidth you are giving to the IDM.