Friday, 16 November 2012

New Version of File Zilla is now available!

As you may know what is a FTP server is but for those who don't know:
It is nothing but a simple system where you can transfer files and without logging into anything you can just do modifications( this is a simple and easy description).

File Zilla is a simple software which can do things easily without requiring much effort from a user and it is totally free you can manage your files and also protect your sites if it is modified anonymously or due to a possible attack or any problem which might be occuring.

New version 3.6 details:

  1. This version has nice look and user interface and you will be finding things more easily to explore tabs.
  2. It supports access to the normal FTP server having any type of security or certificates.
  3. You can upload or download files whose quantity is very large and you can resume them also because  this is a important part as time due to connection failure or a power failure or any type of thing our connection is lost and we have to start a new process so you can avoid any interruptions sing this new version.
  4. Good performance which boosts your transfer rate which also maintains quality of the material going up or down.
  5. There is a tool or basket where you can drag links so that you can download them.
  6. Manage your transfer rate easily as then you can allot bandwidth according to your choice.
  7. Search your files in just simple as you just need to enter the name and the file would appear immediately.
  8. You can use Remote settings to give access but I would say to rarely use it due to security reasons.
This software has provided a excellent support to many users are using it to manage their online files so I would prefer download new version to be updated and also previous bugs may be removed here .