Sunday, 18 November 2012

Why it is good to Submit whole Sitemap then just update!

Submitting your sitemap of your whole posts will help search engines to find everything which your blog contains and you can also use different type of robots txt files to specify how should they go through your site you can easily redirect them to any page and also restrict pages but the question is why it is good to submit your whole sitemap then a simple updates only.

Here are few things I want to tell about Updates only:

  • Well updates of your post is good for those who regularly update their blogs and not regularly but frequently as the search engines give priority to those post withing 24 hours .
  • You can take example of a News site which gives latest news but most of the users search it on the Search Engines and go to the site which is listed first.
  • So in order to submit tutorials you should submit the whole post and not just an update.
Now for Complete submission:

  • You can simply submit your whole post though it take time but it is good for an individual to do that because anyone can't do post whole the day but in news company's there are employees doing this.
  • In WordPress it is easy to create a whole sitemap by using  Arne Barcchold which is the best till now .
There are many pros and cons and it is really to decide which one is the best but I should prefer that you should submit the whole.If you failed to understand the topic then I want to tell you that there are two type ,one update and complete and the update one's priority from the time it is published to 24 hour after that is very high and in search results they receive the most traffic it is difficult to understand both the fact for many of you but hope you understand what it is written here.You can see sites like Times of India it has good rankings as they keep posting till the day ends which is done by professionals and their site is managed by Engineers having good degree.