Monday, 17 December 2012

Airbags for new smartphones also !!

When your phone just drop by your hand or it just slip down from your pocket , it is just a mini heart attack for you . Then you just stand shocked and worried that it must be broken. To remove this worry an idea of implementing Airbags in the new smartphones has been suggested by Amazon's CEO and is about to be initiate. Similar to the cars phone will also acquire a feature of airbag by which if a phone falls down with a force which is just unbearable by the phone the phone will automatically open its airbags and the air jets and will escape from just being damaged. This new feature will prove to be a boon to phone lovers and will be very successful in the smartphone market as no one would like his phone to get damaged .

The motion sensor technology of the phone has just been used to recognize the drop of the phone and the airbags will just then blow up before it hits any barrier. It just uses the internal feature of the phone such as the motion sensing equipment such as a gyroscope, camera , accelerometers and the other on board sensors which will automatically tell the phone to launch the airbag and just protect the phone against any damage.

Think that we just don't have to waste money on the phone repair any more. I think that it would just be suggested by the one who really drops his phone very much invented, leaving that we should just applaud the wonderful idea. This idea would be really the bad news for the ones who are running a Mobile repairing shops.

Are you planning to buy a smartphone with this new feature ?
Share your views and comments about this new and an awesome idea which would just eventually decrease the risk of the falling of the phone off your pockets or just of slipping down from your hand.