Friday, 28 December 2012

Apple fined for breaking Copyright Laws in China!

apple fined for breaking copyright laws
Apple is a wide company with lot of users and half of their business is online where people are allowed to purchase apps and many more things.
This incident took place in Beijing and the Court there have given orders to fine Apple of  160470.00 US dollars because some apps contained copies of the writers which belonged to them and as the laws was infringed somebody has to compromise so the law had given orders to fine the company for all this matter.

Apple has to do something and they should ensure that everything published on their app store belong to their developers only and they have proper copyright of that so as to avoid any further damages to both Company and Other People

Chinese Market has great potential for Apple Products and in order to continue this reputation they have to make people happy whether they are their Product user or not but humanity is something which we should not forget.The Whole Company is not wrong but just because of 1 person this thing have took place and now they have to pay this huge big amount to settle the situation .