Sunday, 9 December 2012

Apple TV to be launched in India!

We all know that apple is becoming the best Phone company in gadgets category but as far we know they have created all the devices which comes in family of phones.But now some news is revealed that Apple is launching it's TV service in India.

Apple's TV will run on their Operating System but in order to watch the channels it has to be connected to internet.

We access services like I tunes, I cloud, YouTube and Flickr.

But the main thing required is a high speed broadband so that we can see the things fast and without any buffering , now for this problem the company is asking different ISP's in India to allow a certain plan for users to access the channels at low cost via Internet.

This powerful gadget was launched in USA in the march but the now the chances of launching it in India soon  is very high.Hope it comes soon as many people were waiting for such type of things which are just Hi-Fi.

Benefits by comparing it with Normal TV

  • In a normal TV we were only able to see specific channels and videos but now due to this service we can see every video specially on YouTube and we will then be never be able to miss our show.
  • It is just created on a new technology so it may be great.
It's processing is just awesome.

It's Specifications:

  1. Processor : It has Apple Single core A5.
  2. Connectivity: It supports WiFi which is again a very excellent thing so that it can be connected to internet trough WiFi also. It has a Ethernet port so that LAN connection can also be established.
  3. Video Pixels or Resolution: It can play 1080p and with resolution 1280 x720 .
  4. Photos:You can also see any photo you want because it is a basic feature installed in the device by default but GIF,Jpeg and Tiff formats are supported.

How to get started:
  • You just need a High Definition TV to see it's magic but it may be connected to anyone but before buying it take technical help before proceeding.
This is again a great thing and it will rock Indian market so say it a Good Luck!!!!.

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