Friday, 28 December 2012

Car prices to increase in India in January 2013!

Automobile Industry is the biggest mean of transport in this World and we are all surrounded by them and we can prove it by just standing on a normal road and it is guarantee that 1 vehicle will come for sure ( Now don't stand on a road which lies in your colony otherwise this thing will fail) .There were many rumors and truths which came in which one of the companies like Audi told that they gonna increase the prices of cars .

This is new year and we all love to get something new in every upcoming festival or occasion but now this time companies have shocked their customers by giving them report about increase in prices of their cars .There is a lot of business going in this area many people just do this and earn more so they will also be affected by this.

Why the Companies would have taken this steps?

  • Just because of a slight decrease in sale cause this was the main reason found in many places where prices hiked just because of decrease in their productivity and their marketing as well.
  • Maybe the things would have gone wrong somewhere in their way.
  • Internal problems can be a major reason where the CEO don't reveal the secrets why they have took such hard steps not in just automobile industry but at many other places.
  • Different places have different price so ex-showroom is always different from cities to cities.
What can be the possible Effects?
  • The customers can possibly decrease and the sale will be affected.
  • If there is less sale this coming year then company may reduce the price in order to preserve themselves in this Era.
  • There are new customers you can find in daily life so they will have a burden on their head .
  • People love new things and they also don't hesitate in purchasing automobie goods .
 Not all the companies are taking step forward in hiking their price so you don't have to worry much about specific manufacturer and just keep praying that there is not much increase.