Monday, 31 December 2012

Chetan Bhagat wished his readers a happy new year

Recently one of our crew member  noticed that Mr Chetan Bhagat who is one of the biggest novelist India have wished his readers a very happy new year.

He have posted these lines" Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers. May you achieve all your goals and have only positive people in your life in the coming year ". 

Well in response to this he got so many likes on his post and our member also liked It .Well thanks to him and Chetan Sir who have guided the youth so well, he have also given so many speeches at various places on events and Occasions which have inspired everyone .He have touched the heart of many Indians with his great novels and writing  .
He is a great person who cannot be described we hope we meet him one day and if ever we got this opportunity we'll grab it as soon as possible cause nobody wants to loose anything like this.