Thursday, 6 December 2012

Do Bigger Page Rank increases Search Results?

Page Rank is every websites need but if we don't get them we think nothing can happen at all.But the entire thing is different there is no need for you to worry because you will not loose your search rankings.

What is the Real Thing?
Page Rank is a kind of reputation given to it and the one which has a better PR has chances to get its site listed up but it won't help you to get too many visitors the whole thing depend upon the quality of matter created by you.Bots treat every article different and the one which is good is showed high up in search results but one thing you should know that page rank can just help you to build reputation and some amount of traffic but if you are thinking that building a PR 3 or any will increase visitors that is wrong.You are given that PR due to many reasons but it is not guaranteed that you will get a big amount of visitors.

Why it is so ?
It is because some websites have been sawed which have PR 3 and their ranks in Alexa were above 200 K and there were not many viewers.

One thing to notice that increasing your PR is good but you should start working on yours also because there should be a balance.

Last question that if you have a higher PR you will get good rankings?
Well the answer is not specified but it may be no or yes but probabilities of no is more because we have tested many sites.

If you have any query than ask?.