Friday, 14 December 2012

Facebook will increase it's Users Privacy!

Facebook is the site which requires no description , as we have seen time turning where people usually talk on Social site and they prefer them to share their moment.When the thing comes to the users privacy things become difficult for a company.A users Identity is a personal thing and it should be used only if allowed by the person or not even that .People who create account are not aware of many things so it is the duty of the company to guide them and also to protect them because after all they are part of it.

So after seeing all the things Facebook has decided to give more independence to the users So that they can tell FB to what to do with their photos,videos,wall status and many things which one do on their site.

What will be the new things added:

  • People can allow certain people or they can block to see their stuff or posts , which will help them to become more secure.
  • Users can decide whether person from far places can see their profile or not .
  • As 2013 is just some days near Facebook is trying to launch something new in security which will led to a good next year.
Things will now become more user friendly because these new features will be added soon, so wish every Facebook user good luck for these new things.

If you have something to ask please allow us .