Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fourth-gen core processors to be launched by Intel next year !!

fourth gen processors intel 2013Intel the largest chip maker of the world is about to launch the new fourth gen core processors in the next year 2013. It would gain traction by the touch , voice and gestures inputs. The old methods of input like keyboard and mouse will be replaced in this fast coming new technology and new methods to input any command will be done using the speech and the gestures .

Computer would be smart enough to recognize the inputs by the new way of the voice commands and the gestures which will be different for various commands . It is the more enhanced version of technology and will eventually be appreciated by the upcoming modern youth and the latest trend teens. This new technology will be proved as a boon as far as the technical market is concerned.

 Intel would be at forefront of advancement and with this new generation the processors will significantly boost up the performance from mobiles to tablets to ultra-books  It also claims that it would provide faster, thinner, lighter, cooler and more secure system with built in graphics.

Intel is goin to be launching this new product which would be very appealing in the new upcoming market and will surely attract the minds of the new generation teens for better performance , good quality , a nice design and essential features.

What are your views about this new technology by Intel ?
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