Sunday, 30 December 2012

Has Twitter became a Promotional Site for many users!

You can always see links of different sites posted by most of the users who are on twitter this is a common activity noticed on everybody's profile .If a normal user have followed a couple of people's he must have seen links on his wall or screen when he had opened his account.

Twitter and Facebook both are filled with spammers and sites hate this kind of activity , you must have observed that if you sent messages continuously you get blocked for sometime this happens just because of FB security made to prevent any kind of spamming which is getting done on their site.

People sometime gets links from various unknown sources and which they hate but they can't stop that kind of activity really because it is not in their hands, recently Facebook launched a rule according to which user have to give fee for sending message to the person which is not in his friend yet which is good to make sure that the person is real and not a bot who is generating all kind of material on the site because no spammer will pay money to do his job cause they do it for free .

Twitter is just a site which has so many accounts which do tweet at an immense rate some people post 10 times a day which is enough to share their views and which proves that they are addicted to it but there are users who have made account on twitter to just post links to various websites and do scamming .
Here a live example:-
here this guy his listing website which you can see and you can see the text written by him which just encourage the user to open that.Now I am not saying that it is fake maybe but many of them usually post 
scams because we are aware of it , some of the people in our team have experienced this thing so we should be aware of it .

Why people use twitter to share links:-

  1. It is a site where lot of people hang around so providing them something which is often interesting or if it looks so will surely attract them to one's business.
  2. It had become a site where we can just get so many visitors .
Why People make account there:-
  1. They make account because then only they can see tweets of big celebrities and stars of whom they are fan.
  2. We all check posts by popular people and just read their opinion.
  3. People check by tweet where a particular person is or what he is currently doing because users get a kind of habit where they use mobile to access twitter.
There are lot of thing of which even we are unaware of so hope you'll share your knowledge via comments below.