Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How to set your Default web browser in Windows 8, such as Google Chrome and firefox

There are lot of apps and software's installed in your Computer which is running on Windows 8, These apps contain links to their site and many other site and these are opened by the default web browser you have configured manually inside your Windows settings but if you haven't done anything yet internet Explorer would be opening pages automatically because it is the web browser set by default.

 You may find text documents containing hyperlinks which open when we click on them and they all open by IE which we can avoid by replacing IE by your favourite browsers such as Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Safari,Opera and many others, but how can you do this in the previous version of Windows there were things very simple but now in the new one little things have became typical and the person who are new to computer must have installed the latest OS version so they will find difficult.

So you can do all the things by just following steps:

  1. open your system Normally then open Computer and then right click and select properties.
  2. now select Control Panel home which would be located at Left top of your screen.
  3. After opening the CPanel find default programs tab and open it.
  4. Select your web browser and then you must choose the option containing lines" Use the selected program to open all files type and protocols it can open by default".
  5. After you have done all the things feel relax cause now everything is fine and every link will now open by your selected browser.
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