Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How you manage your Unused Programs?

There are many people who are very lazy and they keep many things which they don't require any more , we are not talking about charity which one can give but I am discussing about the unused application which are installed in computers of many people and they don't even use it.So here we are to discuss on this new topic but the thing is many people are unaware of this fact and some of the new comers in the technology world will do such things , so if they will know these things fast it would be beneficial for them.

Why people do such things which are not good for PC as well as Performance:

  • Now many type of new 3 rd generation processors are coming which won't slow you down and as a result people don't see any change in their performance even if they have too many application installed.
  • Sometime after installation if any software or program is found a waste we don't uninstall it we simply do nothing but keep it for future use and that moment never comes again.
  • This is a very unusual thing many application don't uninstall and there are things which can be done to forcibly remove them, so if any one is having such kind of problem, you can notify us and well give you a solution.
  • Some Tool bars are often installed without permission of the administrator which is a very bad thing and that is why it is often asked to user to see if any unknown thing happening in their PC.
  • Unknown Trojan Horses installs application to steal beneficial information of a computer so that it can be passed to a intruder , which he can use to do unauthorized access or some dangerous things.
  • If multiple users are there one may install something without notifying the other , and if you are facing some problem you can ask the other he may have something for you.
What can be the Effect of these things:
  • Your overall performance will decrease .
  • Your computers hard drive will become a junk for waste.
  • Things will become more bad when you will face lot of trouble of drive getting full and you will find yourself in difficult when choosing which one to remove and which one to preserve.
These were the normal effect one user may face when there will be lot of things installed which are not in use.

How to Restore PC health :
  • Remove all the applications which you don't require anymore.
  • Delete and uninstall every suspicious application in the uninstall manager as it may be a virus.
  • Install a Good Disk cleaner or do things manually.

These were the things which I want to discuss with everyone so if you are finding yourself in difficulty please allow us to manage that but first you have to tell what is the problem?.

What do you think about all these steps? do you have more things to share please share with us.