Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hundai Eon vs Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 : Comparison by Looks, Price, Capacity, Comfort, Power, Mileage and Safety .. !!

Both Hundai and Maruti Suzuki are the tough competitor of each other in the automobile market in India . Both these companies are considerately launching its cars to compete with each other and to meet the demand  of the average budget people of the country.

These company has successfully launched many cars which have been much appreciated in the market. This time they  have launched their average budget cars which can be very much compared with each other. The customers are feeling it very much difficult to find out the difference between the two cars i.e. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 and Hundai Eon . So here we will discuss so of the features of both the car and will compare them.

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 Both the cars are just awesome if we come to the style section but some looks such as the side one are mostly better of Alto 800 than Eon. therefore according to our survey the Alto 800 would found to be better as compared in looks that Hundai Eon.

 On comparing them considering there price and the quality of stuff they are providing we think that this time Eon is better that Alto 800. The features and the services give by Hundai are far much better than Alto at such an affordable rates.

The seats of Eon are just better than Alto 800 and hence the person sitting in it feels a bit free while sitting and hence the capacity of the car increases and you can also manage one other member in the car's  back seat.

 Due to better design of seats in Alto 800 it is good in providing comfort to the driver while driving, whereas the quality of seats in Eon is also nice but on comparing both of them the seats of Alto 800 was found to be more considerate than Eon.

 On looking both of them in terms of base variants it is very difficult to judge both the cars are just equally comparable in the aspects of base variants but if we take a closer look then  Eon is considered to be better in this field .

 Coming on to a safety point of view both the cars give tough competition to each other and stand out head to head and both are really good on safety point of view. But Alto 800 has proved to be better in terms of its design and Safety than Hundai Eon.

Thus on comparing both the cars we found that some features of Alto 800 are good and in some features Hundai Eon is ahead of Alto 800 Thereby we can just say that it is  very difficult to say wether one is good or bad but it personally depend on the customers . I would rather suggest the customer to first take a test ride and then better decide which one suits you the most .

Are you pleased with these two cars which have been launched in the market?
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Source : BSmotoring