Monday, 3 December 2012

Do you think SMS is loosing it's importance!

SMS is a kind of text messaging which requires no further detail for you to know because everyone is using SMS service so that he can send text to people at different location which is cost-less and everybody is doing that .
 But it is loosing it's importance for many reasons :

  • In the past few years as social networking sites gain publicity people began to chat on them because there is no limit.
  • Internet is very cheap so everybody just use it to send messages.
  • AS the sites have so many features they hang there instead of hanging on their mobile.
  • SMS cannot be compared to high powered chatting sites like facebook because the message is surely delivered and whenever someone opens his account notification is showed.
  • So many apps have been developed that the pre-developing text message app installed in any mobile is ignored and people use high profile chatting apps. Some of them include ebuddy which is very popular and most of the people use it to log in to various sites.
  • With the upcoming twitter features many people are just sharing thoughts there but previously they were sending it individually but now as it is spreading worldwide they prefer that to use.
  • Internet is used more in mobile than desktops and when someone has so many things to do in mobile so why would he go to computer to do all that thing.
These were some things which are used by modern people and who just ignore the value of SMS , this article is just written because today we are celebrating 20 years of SMS service.

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