Monday, 3 December 2012

iTunes 11 ( iCloud integrated):Review , Specifications, Download Link and Popularity..!!

Apple is back again with a new version of iTunes media service i.e. iTunes 11 with integrated iCloud feature with its awesome feel and overhauling look. It can also connect with the company's internet storage service , i.e. iCloud . By this software Apple is providing its users a platform that they can access media content from various Apple devices without having to plug them into desktop.

 The all new feature of iCloud Integration also provides many useful tricks like if you start a movie in one device and you can restart it again from same point on any other device later. It has been proved to be a huge success in media market as it has more than 435 million registered accounts , it's India's  largest gateway for people to download their featured and latest multimedia.

Tim Cook, CEO has tried to improve the position of the company as compared to past and now after releasing such kind of stuff with latest modified and featured products which are being much appreciated by the customers. Since music is now a days a trend for freaky young generations so this product will definitely hit the media market and will take music to greater heights.

                                                   : You Tube Video :

File hippo direct download link : iTunes 11.0

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