Sunday, 30 December 2012

Micromax LEDK316K50F which is cheap, affordable and 3D LED

Micromax LEDK316K50F which is cheap, affordable and 3D LED
Television is something one is addicted to and nobody just can't get this addiction removed easily but it also proves to be as the biggest source of information for most of the people who just come after their daily hard work .

1) Micromax LEDK316K50F :

Why this ? this has been chosen as the best from the viewers on various sites cause it has so many thing which you will only find for big bucks.
It has 50 inches big screen which you will live very much and normally people don't want more than this size as it will fulfill your need .
You will not face any sound quality issue because it already excellent.They have used a kind of technology which amplify or converted into the best to as to produce it on the speaker.
It is capable of playing all the videos from this site.
High Resolution:
1920 x 1080 which is very big for normal users who love to watch wide pixels .
Clear Screen :
The screen will contain the whole picture and  with no dots as they have claimed this thing.
You can connect it with a normal pen drive or USB or even camera to see movies or pictures it contains in it.We can connect it to internet via WiFi to see stuff on internet.
It is designed so as to consume as low power as it can be possible as it uses electricity efficiently which won't make your bills high which is one of the most experienced problems.
Budget and Price:
It suits middle class families who just want to buy a TV with 3D feature , It only costs around Rs 80,000 which is less if we compare it with it's features .Normal people can purchase it cause price is not too much and if we compare other products in this range of features they cost more than a lakh rupees so you can even compare them .

After all everything depends on you ultimately so your choice should be something good.You are free to share your views on this product.