Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Facebook App for Android Smartphones!!!

As we already know that Facebook is the leading social networking website and there are different type of apps launched through which we can connect to our account but we should be beware the that there are apps which misuse your identity.So today there is a great news for you that a App for Android Smartphones have been launched.

This is app is so good that we can send text and video messages but the most interesting thing is that we can send them without having a FB account so there is no tension of creating a new account , but that it is a silly thing because we all have one , so through this app we can do all these things.But first we have to sign up the number which we are going to use. Now by this app there is we even don't require email ID that looks funny but is true. This app are on verge of getting launched in many countries so it will be available very soon.

What is the good thing in this?

  1. It is very user friendly.
  2. Available on the most used platform i.e Android.
  3. All the thing is done through internet.
  4. There is a power of Facebook behind all the thing.
  5. No need to use default message apps which may be worrying you.
So these were the real things which are discussed if you have more than please share!.