Friday, 28 December 2012

Recover any App on your Start Screen in Windows 8 if you have lost it!

There are lot of computer users asking friends and searching the web to find the solution for mostly occurred error and problems in their computer .Lot of people accidentally delete their important files and afterwards they regret their action but it don't help and then they try to fix it and some of the software they install comes in category of recovery but here it is totally different from the one in which you restore file here you have to put the file manually on the start screen.

So how to start recovery  process:

  1. Just boot your system normally and wait for windows to open.
  2. Just move your mouse(Cursor) to the right bottom and a screen will appear by sliding from right side of the screen, select Search from it and there enter the name of the program or app which you have lost from the start screen.
  3. Search for the program when you have found it right click it and then select pin to taskbar .
  4. Now you are all done and you will surely see the app on your desktop screen.
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