Monday, 24 December 2012

Sync Your Important Files to Google Drive to Protect Them

Google Drive had proved himself as the best in providing online storage of data for a particular user.Many people are unaware of this service so it is good for them to learn more about this excellent service provided by the Google.

What is Google Drive?

It is like your hard drive but the difference is that you use offline hard drive which is actually inside your computer while this is an online drive .To access this you need an internet connection. You can store upto 5 GB which is large.You can sync anything like file,folder or an important document.

What are the benefits?

  • Storing something in your hard drive is always exposed to threats and some intruders and chances of it's deletion is a big problem but in this online drive there is no problem.
  • Storing some valuable information or any private file can be done in it as the chances of it leaked is almost 0 %.
  • We can access Google drive from anywhere in this world but internet connection is a must.
  • We can upload our identification or any type of document which we can easily access at the time of it's requirement.
  • It's online 24x7 and it never goes down because of it's excellence.
  • It will help during an emergency.
How can you extend your storage?
  • You can purchase extension by giving 2.49 $ per month and you will get 25 GB but apart from it there  are more plans which include a excellent 100 GB in which you only have to pay 4.99 $ which is just a good another cheap plan.
  • You can buy extension till 16 TB and you have to pay accordingly . 
  • if you want buy it here.
If you have any question regarding this please ask us !.