Saturday, 1 December 2012

Talaash :Full Movie Review , Trailer, Songs, Budget and Collection !!!!

There were days in Indian Bollywood when people use to see film having lot of suspense but in past few years no movie of such category was released but Talaash the new movie fulfilled the need of audience waiting for suspense movie.
Amir Khan is called as perfectionist and this is the real thing which anyone can't refuse because this is the ony truth which everyone have to believe.Movies like Jab tak hai jaan and SOS were taken into consideration when the release date of this movie was finalized, so it was decided to launch it a little after these because then there would be immense competition if they were released on the same date.

Talaash is basically a suspense and thriller film which is filled with a new story at every step and the people who are going to watch this film will surely get ghoosebums before and after interval.Reegma Kati directed this movie and produced by three people Amir Khan,Farhan Akhtar, and Ritesh Sidhwani.


The movie starts with some people sleeping along the street, their dog suddenly start crying and soon they see a car which was uncontrolled and going here and there it suddenly lose it's control and directly gets into the water.After this incident Surjan Singh Shekhawat(Amir Khan) investigates the case , and this film is based on this case only. Later in the story people learn about her wife Roshni(Rani Mukherjee) which was mentally hurt after loosing her young child who was only 8 years old.Furhter he meets Rosy(Kareena Kapoor) who tell many things to Surjan , A woman who can really talk to souls is also introduced in the story.



  • Muskaanein Jhooti Hain
  • Jee le Zara
  • Jiya lage naa
  • Hona hai kya
  • Laakh Duniya Kahe.
Box Office Collection and Budget:

Talaash has a budget of Rs 40 crore .It is good to know that Talaash has nice opening with Rs 15 crore(approximately) and it is expected that it would be a blockbuster hit.

Rating :
Officially Talaash is rated 4.5 out of 5 and we would give it the same .

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