Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 10 Google android apps in Android store of 2012 ..!!

Top 10 Google android apps in Android store of 2012 ..!!
Android has become a fashion these days in market. It has launched its most successful apps in the market which is attracting more and more customers towards Android and therefore the demand for android smartphones  have gradually increased in the technological market.

The android apps are now days becoming popular and are becoming an entertainment point for the upcoming youth generation who loves their android  devices very much. Some of the games in the android are becoming very popular in the market and Google has recorded most downloaded apps from the android  store the previous year i.e. 2012. Hence the list of the top 10 apps on Android store for 2012 is as follows :
  • Pinterest :
     This is the most popular app in the store which is used for planning various projects, organizing various tasks and sharing some favorite things from your android device.
  • Evernote :
     this is another famous app which is used by the android users to take down some important notes and  is used to remember the to-do things . It can also make it searchable on net where ever you go.
  • Pocket :
     This new app enables its users to save some stuff in your device from net and also to synchronize it, so that you can use them offline also. These stuff can be anything like , music videos of any other important stuff.

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  • Grimm's Snow White :
    This is one of the most downloaded app on android store and it is basically the series of fairy tale books which also became an award winning android app the previous year 2012.
  •  Expedia Hotels :
     This is an app which is very useful if you're caught in a situation where you want any hotel to stay in then it just locates the position of the every hotels nearby you . It also provides the GPS functions and can also tell you the directions and the route map to the hotels.
  • Fancy :
    This is a famous android application which is very successful for its use to discover , choose and purchase a crowd curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and greatest stores.
  •  Ancestry :
    This is an android application which is used to build update and show off your family tree with which you could be able to connect with billions of historical records.
  • Angry Birds :
     This one of the famous android game which is most popular in the market . This game has launched its many versions like Angry Birds : Rio, Space , Piggies, Space Wars and many more which are much appreciated in the market.
  • Temple Run :
     This is also a most famous game on store and it is being mostly attracting its customers on store. The new version i.e. Temple Run 2 has also been launched in the market which is also going good .

  • Talking Tom :This is also a famous entertaining app on the Google Android app store. This app allow users to say something on the phone speaker and a cat on the smartphone's screen will repeat what ever you say.
These were some of the famous apps of 2012. Hope you'll like them.
Share you views regarding these apps with us and stay tuned to for more latest information ..!!