Sunday, 30 December 2012

Toyota to pay 1 billion dollars for problem in their accelerator !

Toyota to pay 1 billion dollars for problem in their accelerator
Toyota is one of the best car manufacturer in the world and they are in most of the countries.Recently there were many cases put on them regarding their accelerators , so as they got this thing proved that there was problem in real they have agreed to pay more that 1 billion dollars as decided in the US court.

Toyota have also asked for getting all their cars back to them whose number are nearly 7.4 million which is huge, they will repair every single car with this accelerator issue.Actually the reason is that the accelerator in the cars were pressing automatically leading to severe thing which one can think .

As the company failed to get all of the 7.4 million vehicles the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have asked them to pay this big amount .

According to the orders given by the court they will make a special plan for all their 16 million customers for safety of them and they will also repair the braking system of their 2700000 vehicles .

There is a big loss to the company due to this Issue hope this don't repeat in the future. There are many people who trust this company and will continue to do because of  their high class cars.

There may be lot of damages caused by the problem in accelerator because if it was getting pressed automatically then  if someone is driving at 40 Km/hr which was normal for him  will be getting high and also during traffic if this problem would have occurred some cars may have got some damage .
So just pray anything of this type don't arise .