Monday, 31 December 2012

When will be 4G services available in India!

When will be 4G services available in India! date,launch
There are million of people in India who are just wandering when will 4G come so that they can enjoy fast browsing then ever before. It is a thing which is asked most of the people who use Internet daily or for business purposes and those who love web very much.Downloading speed is a big factor why people want to migrate their Internet Connection to 4G so that they can see videos without buffering,download files,transferring big data over the web ,etc so these people want more speed and they look for plan from different ISP's and if they have any big plan for them they purchase it without hesitating .

There are expectations in various sections where user wan't high speed broadband .Some newspapers have even published about 6 months ago saying that the service will be launched in December 2012 but as far as we know nothing have taken place and it looks like it was a rumor.

There is nothing revealed by any source regarding 4G but it is guessed that hopefully next year launching will take year because Internet Prices are Decreasing from next year i.e 2013 .