Monday, 31 December 2012

Why should we safely remove our Pen Drive? before ejecting

There are many people who transfer file from one computer to another via USB drive but the thing is that they forgets to ejecting them safely which they can do by just going to the bottom of their screen and selecting " Safely remove this hardware or eject " whichever is there so this is not done by most of the users and they don't know that sometime terrible thing happens in the material stored in the device.

What can happen if you won't do that?
There are possible chances getting your files corrupted which are kept inside the pen drive which you have copied from any computer though windows have become smart from the previous years but you should think why they have given such option where we can do thing safely and we do it in a wrong way by just taking it out directly without notifying windows that you are going to remove a hardware which can lead to problems anywhere you might not know.

Recently there were many people who have not followed the good steps and got their data corrupted , and some was personal and useful and all of his stuff was just erased and nothing was working on his pen drive after that he formatted his PD again with FAT-32 system after which it worked but there are also many repairers which repair files but we haven't got anything useful in this area if something is found we'll surely add that information .

Why should be with Windows?

  1. They know everything about how their software works so also know what can happen next and that's why they have created options for user to follow them and work with them.
  2. If you will work accordingly you will not face any problem which most of the users come into.
  3. Always use the tips given by them because they are the official adviser .
  4. Install any security upgrade in your computer if required.
Last thing don't use write caching if you have problem of removing the USB or Pen Drive before you eject it from my computer or start menu taskbar .You can find the setting by opening the properties of the drive.

If you face any problem tell us!.