Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Why should we turn off our Wireless network when not in use?

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We connect our computer mainly via Broadband connection and there are many type of things which are required to properly run a connection.Mostly people use Type 1 modem i.e modem having no wireless connection , those who don't have WiFi supporting device and the person who have computer like Laptop they usually take Type 2 modem because it is more comfortable as we can enjoy browsing in any position without caring about the wires.

While we purchase a wireless modem we keep it on while we browse the internet or when we are downloading something or when we are  lazy to turn it off.Many forget to turn off many things like fans,TV and many other things but these are normal and it will not have any effect so we can manage that but think keeping a wireless network on can increase the risk of security breach of your modem.

Why should we turn it off?

  • Every device in this word related to technology sucks a lot of electricity and we get huge amount of electricity bills.
  • By keeping it on we encourage many people who have WiFi and who live near you to try many passwords to just access internet.
  • Keeping it on is just a bad idea as many intruders are often not noticed in area and when something goes wrong you will be annoyed.
  • In past years some case also happened when FBI tracked a IP from where something has happened and the owner was shocked to hear that.

These were the things which makes every person understands the true value of switching your device off.If you have any kind of more information to share with us please do that because we are willing to know that!!!.