Saturday, 29 December 2012

Why we should not install Direct X 10 in Windows XP?

There are currently more than millions of PC's running on Windows XP and they try to find new software updates for the existing one but they sometime get success and sometime not but they also gets in trouble when they often get involved in scam done in Fake Programs . Direct X is just a required software to run all your Graphics game because it processes 3-D acceleration , AGP acceleration and Sound and many other things required to run most of the applications.

It is a popular software and most of the developers keep this thing in Mind before proceeding in any kind of development of applications for Windows to run.
So as something get's popular many type of scamming is done based on there.

Story of a victim:-
Yesterday our friend was just as usual working on his Computer and as he was just working he thought to play any Game which he have in his Comp so he just started exploring his PC and he found some folders in where game files were installed he
just scrolled to the one which was attracting him he just opened the EXE file and got an error regarding update of DX and from there the problem started.Actually the person of whom we are talking he had not revealed the name but he had told us that then he searched the web to get latest version of DX .He downloaded a software which was saying DX 11 for XP so he installed it and what happened after installation was unbelievable  , all of his files which belong to direct x were missing that mean they were deleted and when he downloaded the original version it also didn't work and the fake software was showing error during uninstallation so the last option left was to forcibly remove it and that he did and then he recovered all the files using the web installer .So that is why we will recommend to keep yourself with windows and don't do any experiments.

Why we should not install something which is not usually found on official site of microsoft?

  1. There are lot of scamming done in today's world so we should avoid going for fake things.
  2.  Avoid apps update which come when we install our windows which is not listed officially on the Microsoft site because some updates contain viruses here I am not saying that other sites are bad I just mean that first check that is there any real new Version and when you have checked this then only download that from any site and just don't forget to keep your antivirus on for better protection and for staying safe.
  3. Use your common sense everywhere because it will only work .
  4. Nobody can't make Windows 8 into 9 without notifying the world so don't install such funny things which says that kind of thing .
These things are always better for everyone to keep in mind while working on your computer hope you'll find this useful if you are in trouble let us know by comments and we'll reply soon.