Thursday, 3 January 2013

Acer Iconia B:Full Review,specfications,Features and Price

Acer Tablet Iconia B photo,wallpaper
Acer is a company who is providing support to most of the humans with their PC.As the companies are growing up they are increasing their products.Acer Iconia B is a new tablet which has 7 inch screen which has Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as it's operating system which  is currently the latest so won't face any problem regarding the OS of this wonderful tablet .
It has a Dual Core processor of 1.2 GHz which is very good for playing videos,music,games,apps fast and they will load quickly without making you wait so you don't have to be patient while opening anything as they will be ultrafast.
Jelly Bean is another great advantage of Iconia B because there are so many revisions already done in this version of Android so as to make it flexible,fast and smooth to use.Every Game will run on this tablet so if you are a pro gamer this Gadget suits you.There is a Voice Search feature which recognize your voice and do whatever you say.
This Tablet weighs 320 grams which will be easy to pick up , putting inside the pocket every such thing will be easy for you to do.

There is also a Handy MicroSD card provided which will help you to increase it's memory by 32 GB which is big enough to keep your files,apps,songs and much more stuff in one place and you can also insert that card in other devices from which you want something or you want to give to someone else .
It's RAM information is not given by the company yet but it is believed to be 1 GB or 512 MB so hope it is more.

It's price is to be around Rs 8100 and which is very low if we compare it to the features given in this Tablet.There are lot of people who were looking such gadgets to grab as soon as they are in the market and so it is a great news for them .

There is nothing said about other things like GPS,bluetooth ,WiFi by the company so they are hard to guess but if see at other specifications these things may be present in the real product so there is no guarantee about anything so let's see what happens next.

Do you love these type of gadgets or if you have any opinion or you want to say something comments are open for you.