Saturday, 5 January 2013

Akismet 2.5.7 new version available download now!

Akismet WordPress Plugin for Spam PreventionAkisment is a powerful plugin for WordPress users because it has many advance features and a must plugin for every WordPress powered site.
Usually it comes when we install WordPress and because it is a must plugin because there are lot of spammers in the world who uses different techniques to wrongly use the comment power as it can be utilized in various ways else than posting links.

You should always have software like this installed in your site so that you can decrease the number of spams on your site but some of them are not even removed by Akismet but it removes about 90% of bad comments while the remaining 10 % use tricks to post link so as to bypass this Akisment scanning but now the new version is more advanced and with more power so you should download it definitely .

Always remember to check your plugins page because there may be some which may have got outdated so update them also .

Download Akismet 2.5.7 here.