Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beware of Fake Facebook Pages that wants your password!

There tons of users on the most popular site Facebook and the security of them have been increased significantly from the last few years as one must have noticed this fact.Privacy settings and many things have been given to a user to choose who can see their stuff and many more things .Fake is a kind of thing which is used by most of the Scammers in many cases.

What a Scammer can Do or make you do?

  • He can compromise your passwords using various different tricks and some include Phishing .
  • You will get attracted to it you may give him the money to get big bucks which will never come in your hand.
  • Investments done by many people which turn out to be a big loss .
  • People offer certain things to be free but there may be tricky mind behind them.
  • You must have visited pages which says that wow ,lucky and many things which you may found in most of the pages you visit.
  • He may create calls,messages or mail to your account so as to promote their Black Business.
There are lot of scammers in  today's date and nobody can stop them because you must have seen that we are always unable to stop bacteria from multiplying or a Lizard tail to grow again and this is too similar to them because we hate them but cannot stop them from interfering from our daily life .Virus is a similar kind of thing which keeps on increasing with infecting each and every file on his way but we are unable to divert their direction and the only solution which leaves is an AntiVirus but here no human machine have designed yet which recognize the kind of a person sitting next to you or making a video call with you   or the nature,mentality etc.

Why Facebook is widely used?
It is used to so much because there is almost no person left on our lovely mother earth who don't have an FB account and  for God sake don't say that you don't have if you are thinking this as everyone enjoys the fun which make us addicted to this popular site  so they choose this only.
There are many examples which include:- Messages from unknown people who you don't know with no profile picture,anonymous name ,Something which makes us suspicious ,Photo of a celebrity ,with no information on his about us page,no friends with absence of contact details .So don't add them or reply to them because they can have wrong minds which can be dangerous for your account.

How to prevent them or What are the Tips ?

  1. Always turn all your privacy features in your account if you haven't activated them yet.
  2. Never give your person account details,Transaction ID,Address ,Phone Number or any kind of stuff asked by you to give.
  3. Always install good security software so as to remain safe online and offline.
  4. Don't try to make big amounts with less investments because nothing such type of thing have been proved successful rather than people have got Big Loses .
  5. Don't take risks when you are not sure about something.
  6. Always check SSL certificates of sites like Facebook if you anytime log in to it because they can be use as identity of the reality of the website as they are registered with particular names and nobody else is found usually.Also see that they are green and if they appear to be Red open them and check what is the matter , maybe date and Time is wrong in your computer because this is the most occurred problem and now became a common factor.
  7. how to avoid Fake Facebook pages from compromising passwords
  8. Don't enter password in the pages which look like facebook as they can be fake which may store your password of the real ID so always check the certificate as well as URL what is written in it .
  9. Never tell your password in Fun as most of the people have done this crazy thing.
  10. Use common sense with support from Brain as this will help you a lot at various places when you have to help yourself without any support.
  11. Never open links where your browser show some virus or any kind of danger as we most have seen in our Chrome Browser.
Hope you have understood now what we have told you these things are not funny so take them seriously because protection is always better than regretting after a mistake. 
Facebook is the website which is growing day by day and so Scamming and Spamming and also hackers.
So stay safe in Future best of luck for it!.