Saturday, 19 January 2013

Byond Tech B63 Phone Specification and Detailed Review

Byond Tech B63
Byond Tech B63 is a new smartphone launched by the company which is available at Rs 13500 whose price is really reasonable as it runs on Latest Android Version Jelly Bean and has a 1.2 GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM.Flip Cart is offering this gadget at a special price of Rs 1000 which is less than the official so if you are in crazy mood of buying an latest Android smartphone you should take a look at it cause this is really a great gadget presented by the company.

It is a Dual Sim phone which is really good , it will help you to manage multiple network on single phone and with a 8MP Rear and 0.3 MP front camera .B 63 has big screen of 4.5 inches screen with 4 GB internal memory and which can be expanded to 32 G B which is far enough for you to store maximum things in it without letting the space filled up.

2000 mAh battery won't allow you to charge your phone for hours if you do so once completely cause it is really big.

For connectivity it has Bluetooth,WiFi and other options like GPS.

If we take a look at once completely we will find that it is really cool cause nobody have given such features as this low price of only Rs 10000 while if we normally take the features we will find Smartphones similar to it at Rs 17000 and more .Now this is something which we can consider if we buy it .

Something to spot in it:

  • Camera is really cool as eight mega pixel is really a HD experience for most users while other products in this range usually have 5 MP.
  • Powerful processor will enable you to do your task instantly and great speed without waiting for something to load.
  • Memory is somewhat enough.
  • It has all type of connections possible for internet.
  • Latest Operating System has made it the best .
Rating : 4.5/5  

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