Sunday, 20 January 2013

CBSE exams just almost 1 month left !- Tips

CBSE_logo_imageCBSE exams are just 1 months away and students want to do their best but to do so their should be a perfect planning .Every child just search about tricks which will help them to get good marks but as their is no short cut but if we Ignore unwanted things that will save our precious time .

For those who are appearing for their exams their is a important Tip for all of you for upcoming 30 days as people ask what do now as they haven't studied anything yet :

What to do in this Time Period ?

  • Don't take much stress on yourself be calm.
  • Study almost every chapter and if you haven't touched anything yet then you better read everything fast with 100 % concentration with no disturbance .
  • Do some physical exercises for about 15 minutes so that you can relax .
  • Take a break between studies .
  • Do Fast Reading of everything .
  • Learn Basic Formulas of Mathematics ,Physics and Chemistry and others which have them.
  • Try to see every solved question or Example which you come across in your text book which might come in your question as they really are not very touch .
  • Solve questions given after your chapter because students don't usually do them but they will prove to be beneficial.
  • Take help of a teacher as he is the only one which has lot of experience.
  • Make timings of everything.
  • Schedule your tasks.
  • Usually those who are in 10th and 12th they don't have to attend the school so they should do studies in their Home as their is lot of time.
  • Wake up a little Early and sleep normally - Suppose you are planning to sleep at 12 AM so you should Woke up at 6 AM - 7 as six hours sleep is enough for you .
  • If you have completed all of your Text Books then only you should got for Question Bank and other things because first of all you have to complete your syllabus from your Book.