Friday, 4 January 2013

CZ 12 Jackie Chan Movie Full Review ,Trailers

CZ 12 Jackie Chan Movie Full Review ,Trailers
CZ 12 is a new movie whose credit goes mainly to Jackie Chan because he have written the script,Directed, Co-produced and as well as he is the Hero in the movie.As Jackie has so many fans around the world who just want him to do Action films they are really lucky to get a fresh Movie by him.

If you are really a true fan then you should go to the Theaters to see this film because there are lot of stunts performance by Jackie.

CZ 12 is the sequel of Armour of God II -Operation Condor so it is also referred to as the third part of the movie.
Jackie plays the role of Asian Hawk which is awesome because he is already 58 and we are damn sure that any person of this age cannot perform so much as JKC has done .

The main task which the JKC has to done is to bring back the 12 Bronze Head Statues of Chinese Zodia Animals which were lost in the Second Opium War was held from 1856-60 .

There is some real stunts performed by Jackie which were really costly and this also suggests that there may be some real action inside the movie , hope everyone will got to see it.