Monday, 7 January 2013

Facebook to start Free Voice Calls Service soon!

Facebook to start Free Voice Calls Service soon!
Facebook recent activities suggested that they love to give new features to their users frequently and so people enjoys them.

There are many type of communication services possible on FB and they are messages,Video calls ,comment and you can say that whole site is made so that people can connect with each if they are far away or near it doesn't matter cause it is free for everyone and they have claimed that it will always be as their homepage says.
Every Person installs FB chat software on his comp so that he can do video calls from Facebook to anyone and something which is good is that the person to whom you are calling gets noticed as the user is asked to accept or ignore and but before it the software should be installed otherwise it won't work

Facebook is starting a free voice call service for their users but unlike Video chat service it will have no image connection between the person who are talking to each other .Most of the people will think that Video calling is far better cause Voice is also similar but it don't have faces but there are always reason behind everything .

Why Voice Call?

  • It is good as it will consume less bandwidth of your internet connection and so your data charges will be less.
  • Not all users have unlimited plans so for those both the service are equal but the Voice call will be fast comparably .
  • I think there should be some feature like if someone to whom you wanna call but he isn't online so we can record and keep the message for him and as he will open his account he will get the message so if something like that is launched the users will be very happy.
  • Text is hard to write but to say something is far easy but for professional keyboard masters it is the same as their writing speed is more than Speaking .
  • Not all of us have webcam and so it will be good for them.
  • Headphones and Microphones are now common in every computer.
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