Thursday, 10 January 2013

Honda Accord 2013 : Full car review and specifications.!!

Today the world just runs on cars almost every family has one personal car which is s basic necessity in this new and modern world. The demand for the cars is increasing day by day and thereby the production has also increased. Every company is launching its new and newer models of the products available in the automobile market.
Since about 25 years the Honda’s Accord has just been considerate in attracting its customers from US. This is due to the fact that the automobile features they are providing in the car for such an affordable price makes it very popular in the market.

Today people want all the facilities required in the car while spending less money as possible. That is the main reasons why these companies are just having a lot of profit as they launch products with different features and at different rates, That allows the customers to select the type of the model they have according to their desired budget.

Honda company has just kept all these things in mind and they are launching their new model of Honda’ Accord in 2013 . This new model will be having many different features and also stylish and smooth looks which will definitely going to attract the customers.

This new model of the car comes with a better design as they are providing a increase in the diameter of the wheel base and also the weight of the car which would be the best plus point for this new model. The wheel base would be increased to 109.4 inches whereas the weight is going to be increased to 3,599 pounds.
It also featured a 24 value , 3.5 liters, V6 with 278 Horsepower and six speed automatic transmission. The other nice features of this car involves its smooth CVT transmission , Real time gas mileage digital display and the powerful and aggressive engine which will boost up the performance of the car.

Being a newer model the company has tried their level best to make it as good as possible by just removing the problems which were faced by the existing Honda Accord users , but this time they have become successful in launching such a wonderful car this new year 2013. 

Did you like this new 2013 Honda Accord or you find the previous versions better than this one ?
Share your opinions and the ideas about this newly launched car.