Thursday, 3 January 2013

Honda Activa Vs Aviator Performance comparison!

Activa and Aviator both are the leading vehicles in India and this is a true fact because people love them.You can easily see both or one of them in your colony or the place in which you live.There are lots of customers for these vehicles , if you go to a showroom and ask for this  it is somewhat true that you have to wait at least 1 month because there are lot of Pre-orders from various people.

Let's talk about their performance :
It is a common thing noticeable while riding vehicle on a road that some Activa's and Aviators are speeding up and overtaking you because they both are powerful and there is no tension of clutch and gear changing as they are automatic in them and everyone just push the accelerator to control the vehicle .
The acceleration is very good and the person using it gets high speed easily so let's do compare both of them and see which one is the best.

Activa Vs Aviator Comparison:

  1.  They both have  4 strokes with single cylinder 
  2. AV is higher than AC a little bit about 24 mm from wheel base .
  3. Disc Brake is there in AV while AC lacks it.
  4. You can fill Activa till 5.3 liters whereas Aviator in you can do it till 6 liters.
  5. Under seat you can fill up Ac to 18 L but in AV you can do it till 20 L. 
Main Power Comparison :
Aviator is little more powerful than Activa while other things are almost same so if you are unable to handle heavy vehicles it is better to choose AC because it is lighter than AV .So it depends on you which type of Vehicle you like to ride .