Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How to Stop Pop Up Ads on Chrome Web Browser!

One is always annoyed by the interactions of Pop Ups in their browsing as it sometimes appears when we open a site.These types of Ads are not referred by most of the Ad companies because these don't make user happy or attractive to the advertisement so most of the big companies don't keep it in their inventory due to these reasons.

Google Chrome Logo , fastest web browserChrome is currently the leading web browser as it is widely used because of it's immense speed of browsing sites.Most of the people say that upgrading your Internet Plan will increase your speed and the answer is Yes but we should also look at softwares which we use to connect to the web and the Chrome is the only one which have attracted users since the time of it's origin and from there only People migrated from various browsers to this interesting one.

Webmasters use these type of Ads because there CPM rates are very high and this is reasonable because they make big impression on Visitors but they hate them too because if something comes into your path and you fail to get the information you have to a site and you are redirected to an unknown site than it may worry you.

Many Pop Ups contain Malicious data which travels from web directly to your computer and you may get your PC infected with Trojans, Malwares and many types of Viruses.Some wants you to register yourself by giving them your email Id which can prove to be dangerous in future.

SO how to block Pop  Up Ads in Google Chrome:

  1. Open block Quora Login Popup app  .
  2. Add it .
  3. After adding it you will see a Red Box on the right top of your screen.
  4. Now you are done as every PP will be blocked if it comes anytime when you have opened a website.