Monday, 21 January 2013

How to submit Accurate NDA UPSC form successfully!

UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission ), NDA exam is given by many students who wish to join National Defense Academy to give their services in Military,Air Force , and Navy in India .There are many people who want to join because if one qualifies this exam he proceeds to further steps which are really difficult and when someone proves his quality in that he really get admission though it is a very long task which usually takes many months but you have to make your base strong i.e the first thing you are doing should be perfect and that is the Form which you usually fill .

Now there is wide use of internet in this modern world and so here too now Online Forms are available which are just helping students to submit their application online so that they are relieved of the Job of going to the post office and then sending their Information.Online method is preferred by most of the people as they have to do almost nothing , all they need is just their photograph and signature which is just be submitted while the other things are done automatically .

Why Online Form are Best ?

  • Post takes lot of time to reach to it's destination while using the internet in just 1 seconds the information reaches to it's destination when we submit it.
  • We can do necessary changes while when we use Pen to fill Offline sometimes the written text gets blurred,uncleared ,untidy while on the web page everything is fine.
  • We can always hit Backspace while during writing we can't even do that .
  • No Chances of getting your application lost as it remains within the database.
  • A big proof of your submission as it can be found by searching it on the SIte.
  • Take less time .
  • We can do that while sitting on a place.
  • There are sometimes Ink Drops found on the form which cannot happen online , Though sometimes thing happens which dissatisfies the candidate but going online will make you tension Free from Rubber ,Pencil ,Pen and other stationery items which you require.
How to be accurate ?
  1. Enter your Name,address and if you are in 11th class and you are just going to 12th like in month of January students use to submit the form so they should select " Appeared or Appearing at 12th class on 10 plus 2 patter and then you can choose your subject Maths and Physics and others accordingly.
  2. Write correct email address and verify it for sure by judging it through your eyes as it is very important for your future details of your application .
  3. Phone number should also be looked at once , as people use to type fast which you should avoid during this Form as it is really important .
Photo size 110 x 140 requirement and also signature :
As a photograph of yourself and your signature is required to put it on the admission card a particular size is assigned so that it fits on the photo Box and on signature bar for further processes .
So you should always be sure about it .

How to make  size accurate ?
  1. Get your photo in your computer .
  2. Open it in MS paint which you can do by dragging the file in the window of paint.
  3. Just click on Image option located on the top of Paint .
  4. Use Sketch and Skew to make it's size smaller by reducing the percentage .
  5. Get your Head completely in the picture .
  6. Make sure your background is of color like white .
  7. When you have shrinked  it  then go to attributes and then change the size to 110 width and 140 height make your face is still completely visible .
  8. Save it in JPG format using Save As button in File menu .
  9. DO Same with signature.
I know that there is lot of work to do in all this thing  people who have scanned their images in smaller sizes as well as their signature have no problem but some students take their photo using Camera or Phone which creates trouble which can be solved by method listed above as the Photo taken using a Camera is always bigger in size and so we have to shrink it many times and make it perfect so that it is accepted .As we all are not professionals so we can't really do professional Job in editing and you may occur problems in cropping and other things which you have to be keen .
Last thing to remember that while editing always first crop your photo with some little body while remove everything other which will make feel more relax and then you can use Image options to do different tasks but be sure that your Face is clear .
Feel free to comment on any problem you came across and about anything you wish and you will get reply within 24 hours.