Saturday, 26 January 2013

HTC Desire U : Full Smartphone Specification and User Interface !!

HTC Desire U
HTC Desire U is a new smartphone by the company.There is a huge tough competition in the technology market in this era and day by day new and newer gadgets are being made and are launched in the market and they are very much appreciated by the new and modern technology loving people.

Every company is on the verge of launching new products to overcome the market with new and nice features which the users wants and that to at affordable rates. Due to the high demands companies launch such amazing products to maintain its position in the market and to compete with rivals.

This time the famous gadgets making company,i.e. HTC  is again back with its new android device which is HTC Desire U. This new quality product is a 4inches screen resolution smartphone with Android 4.0 which will be made to run on a powerful processor of 1 GHz. This new device is at its best but one big fault is that it is giving a slight older version of the Android OS which is 4.0 which should be the latest.

But as far as the price of the smartphone is considered it is the best amazing device to purchase which is providing such amazing features at a very affordable rate.g features at a very affordable rate. This new device is having the Ram of 512 MB which is sufficient to run apps on a Android 4.0 1 GHz processor and an internal memory of 4 GB which can be extended up to 32 GB via MicroSD.

It has a 1650 mAh battery which is sufficient  enough for a 4 inches smartphone to keep you busy for quite a few days without being charged . It also has a beautiful camera of 5 MP with LED flash light which is quite sufficient to capture images and click your best moments of life as photo graphs.

The design and looks of the device is very appreciable but the features and specifications are just kept a bit low. But the main benefit is that you are getting such an amazing features for such a low rates.
Did you like this new product launched by HTC or you find it waste ?
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