Wednesday, 2 January 2013

India Vs Pakistan very important match tomorrow 3 Jan,2013 !

Mahendra Singh Dhoni playing shot in match against Pakistan
You must have seen that lot of Amazing things happened in the match which was between India and Pakistan .As India batted first they lose the wickets like water goes down when we shower ourselves during bath but it soon stabilized by the immense effort provided by the captain of Indian Cricket Team who is Mahendra Singh Dhoni with constant support from Suresh Raina and Ashwin Patel .

India Vs Pakistan Cricket matches is something which every person sees on his TV as he comes to his home either on holiday or after work because even people of both countries don't know why but we love seeing the matches and one hopes that his country wins but as luck worked with Pakistan in the previous match held  on 30th December , 2012 in Chennai  they won the match but as they have gained lead in the series with 1-0 and if India loses the match which is going to be tomorrow on 3rd January 2013 at Eden Gardens in Kokata they will loose the whole series as there will be only 1 left after tomorrow to play and nobody can't win without a majority.
The match will start at 12:00 PM according to IST (Indian standard Time).

So hope that the Team which plays the best wins and God Favors those who do hard work and so everyone wants his team to do the same thing on the Field.