Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Micromax Data Card Internet Problems in Windows 8!

Micromax Data Card Internet PendriveThere are many users of the wonderful company Micromax which has so many products from Phone to Consumer Electronics and Data Card is just another product in their inventory.

Recently there were lot of people seen who were using their net pen drive to access the internet using different mobile operators and they were happy till the arrival of the of the Windows 8 because there data card was not able to run on that platform

.Maybe we are wrong but we are just sharing this thing because one of the customer of Micromax told that in Windows 7 everything was running fine but when he bought an Upgrade to 8 he was getting error " Device not Found" and we suggested him to tightly put the USB but he claimed that he have already tried it but got no good results.

Some Solutions :

  1. Make sure you have installed every driver correctly.
  2. Reinstall the software provided to you in the data card or Pen Drive.
  3. Insert the operator SIM correctly .
Now if you have follow all the things and you are not able to run your device then comment so that  we can provide you any possible solution.