Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nautanki Saala : Full movie Report and Trailer !!

In this new year 2013 there is a bit lack of good movies till date as the movies are being launched and they are just not gathering the amount of collection they should be deserved to.

These days the movies are being made at hig budgets and therefore they are not tat much successful in gathering that amount of profit that they deserve for their hard work and performance but this time the director Rohit Sippy is challenging by his new upcoming movie that he will change this sad scenario of   Bollywood.

Rohit Sippy is back again in the Bollywood after a long time with his new upcoming latest romantic comedy movie, i.e. Nautanki Sala  in which Ayushmann Khurrana and Pooja Salwi are playing the main male and female lead roles in the movie along with Kunal Roy Kapoor as the main side role.